Being a stay at home dad is...

Being the one to get everything ready, together, and packed for a weekend family camping trip.
Being a stay at home dad is also buying way too much food for the weekend family camping trip.

Being prepared for the fact that you might not be fully prepared.

Making sure your kid looks cooler than you before leaving the house.

Having a wife that makes more money than you...and being quite okay with that.

Realizing that you have throw up (or some other foreign substance presumably from your kid) on your clothes right as you're about to walk out the door, and instead of changing, you decide to go with it.

Going to the grocery store and remembering to park close to a cart return station so as to avoid a treacherous walk through the Wegman's parking lot with a car seat attached to your arm.

Finding the best way to stack the bottles and all their accessories.

Catching yourself humming the 'go to sleep' song while washing the bottles.

Wondering if there is a proper name for the 'go to sleep' song (like lullaby or something like that) and feeling embarrassed that you don't know what it is.